Standard Equipment Basic Layout

Selling Vision Module Separately

CAM1 1 Head diameter
2 Torx shape
3 Defect painting
4 Head burst
5 Surface crack
6 Burr & chip
7 Eccentricity
CAM2 8 Head diameter
9 Head height
10 Flange diameter
11 Total length
12 Screw shape
13 Pitch diameter
14 Screw angle
15 Check Ny-lock
16 Parallel screw
  • Torx clogging

  • Eccentricity

  • Diameter defect

  • Plating defect

  • Head crack

  • Double strip

Customized Vision Inspection Machine

  • Standard vision inspecting machine
  • Conveyor type vision inspecting
    machine exclusively for measuring length
  • Glass table type inspecting machine
    for low-center weight material inspection
  • Index table type inspection machine
    for high-center weight T type material inspection
Inspection Speed Max 600 ea/min (Speed adjustment)
Inspection Part Long Boit, Screw, Rivet, Pin, Nut, O-ring, Spacer
Inspection Item Shape, Dimension, Warpage, Thread Presence, Misalignment, Lead

Customized Vision inspecting machines according to items for inspection and production methods

  • ROLL TO ROLL Vision inspecting machine
  • Semiconductor Vision inspecting machine